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Es gibt aktuell nur 14 Meldungen zur WM. Die WM-Organisation bittet darum, jetzt zur WM zu melden.

Dear Charles e’t All,

Here in the UK, the organisation of the Worlds event is well underway with various discounts available on channel ferries to entice European sailors in both disciplines to join in. We’re looking for support from yourselves or email address we can promote this amazing event at a brilliant venue. Details as you know on the website. Please pass on:
Any body needing 3rd party insurance for the event needs to get in touch. I will need name, address, country, sail number and type of A-Class, to pass on to the company that is setting up a general 3rd party insurance for the event. Final cost per boat will be worked out depending on numbers.
Accommodation links here:
The monetary exchange rate has never been better, so grab a bargain as they say.
Happy sailing and look forward to seeing you all in Weymouth.
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