Nachtrag zum 4NationsCup

Meldeschluß ist jetzt der 1. September und es gibt keinen Nachmeldeaufschlag.
Stellungnahme von Hellecat zur Corona-Sicherheit:

Dear all,

last weekend we had the Dutch challenger cup with a bit more than 80 participants (Nacra+A-Cat) and this was a good test for the 4 nations cup.

In order to minimise the contact between the participants the social program has been kept to a minimum and consisted just in aftersail snacks after every sailing day.

This has been proven a good solution to maximise the social distances between the participants so we will also use it for the 4 nations cup, this means that there will be no dinner and band.

For this change we will have just one 110 euros entry fee and no more late entry fees.

In addition the entry will now close Tuesday 1st of september.

If the event will be canceled due to covid-19 all entry fees will be reimbursed.

Kind regards

Sergio Zonligt

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